The great history of Lindos and the exceptional architecture of the 19th century’s oil-producing workshop inspired us to create in it a restaurant and an olive oil cellar.

An initiative that aims to dynamically link the past with the present and the future of greek gastronomy.Concentrating on simple and delicious products that grow on Greek soil we invite you to begin your journey through the magical world of Mediterranean cuisine where you will discover scents, colors and an endless palette of flavors.

In Olive Street restaurant and olive oil cellar you can find:

• a cuisine that transforms old recipes into contemporary dishes that somehow still retain echoes of a remembered past, that bridges the worlds of the tranditional and the avant-garde.

• a concept store based on olive products. Olives, premium olive oils, flavored oils, pastes, jams and chutneys, sweets, spirits and other delicasies. High quality and healthy products that with the proper packaging and a special presentation can be an integral part of your food habit.
• a dynamic space for presentations, exhibitions and many more events. The old oil-producing workshop is a unique multiplex where memories, documents and other historical elements co-exist and so can offer a scenery of high cultural value.